About Prices

Prices are from the Menu. Students are entitled to -10% discount BUT ONLY FOR PIZZA and if consumed in pizzeria AND if if they declare and show  in advance that they have a valid student card. For delivery we have no discounts and students card cannot be accepted (verified) either.

During ORDERING process guest can choose between DELIVERY, TAKEAWAY or EAT in PIZZERIA. This modifies the sum total as for TAKEAWAY we give -15% discount but add price for the box, for eat in place there is discount for students and there are no additional charges, for DELIVERY we charge 300 Ft + 65 Ft for the box. Our online system tries to calculate a correct price, but if you enter in COMMENT something like "I want every topping double" then the end price will be a little higher.
For the sake of simplicity we we charge 300 Ft to all delivery, but we do not accept addresses beyond city limits.