About Us

Pizzeria Don Quijote Szeged was opened in june 2001. Since then we strive all the time to achieve better quality of products and service. We do our best to make the best pizza we can. We demand the best quality from our suppliers too. Still, we are only humans, humble apologies for all the errors we make... 
We make thin dough and normal dough pizzas and can bake them in pizza dish or on stone. We offer pizza delivery also, but the best (and cheapest) option is to order the pizza by this webpage or on phone and ask for takeaway - or even eating in pizzeria. In this way, your pizza is ready and kept warm when you enter our pizzeria. All you have to do is eat it or take it with you. 

The dough is made of:

flour, yeast, salt, sugar, oil and water. NO ADDITIVES!

The pizza sauce we make from:

concentrated tomato, salt, sugar, pepper, oregano and basil. NO ADDITIVES!

Where possible, we use fresh or frozen natural products for toppings. Some of the toppings must contain preservatives e.g. ham, bacon, salami etc.

Working hours: Monday-Saturday 11-22. Sunday CLOSED.

About delivery

Delivery is made by a specialised delivery service called: Multifutár. Delivery is not free, it depends on the order. For details see the prices menu.