Delivery is not for free?

No, it is not. Free delivery means that someone else is paying for your delivery, or what is worse that YOU are paying for someone else's delivery. We do not support this idea, it is better for everybody to pay for himself and ONLY for himself. Elementary math (and trial) shows that our pricing is still better than most of the "free delivery" shops.

Closed on Sundays? Why?

Most of our guests go home for weekends. The neighbourhood is closed. Perhaps in the future we will keep open...

If I am a student, do I get 25% discount for takeaway?

No. You are entitled for only ONE discount - the biggest from all. For example if a student (-10%) orders a pizza at saturday (-10%) for takeaway (-15%) then he/she gets the 15% discount.

Why do I have to claim students discount? Is it not obvious that I am a student?

Yes it is, but it is a procedure, much like showing your ticket when you go in the cinema. Anyway, if you want a discount, please, say it IN ADVANCE, before your bill is printed ! Afterwards we can only give your discount from OUR pocket - what makes us Rosszall !