How to order?

Fastest way to pick your pizza is by using SEARCH icon. You can search on name of the pizza (or part of it), on the names of toppings or part of it. If you search for 2 or more words separate them with comma (,). For example "mushr" will find all pizzas with mushroom and  "mush, cor" will find all pizzas that have BOTH mushroom AND corn. Or you can browse through all our offerings.
While shopping you can optionally save your personal data by clicking on "save data" button. It will save you time at next shopping if you click on "use previous data" button.

You have to choose between 3 ways of handling: delivery, takeaway or eat in pizzeria. We use only data needed for your order, so for takeaway or eat in pizzeria a phone number will suffice. For delivery we need address and doorbell too.
Delivery usually takes between 20-60 minutes but in case of traffic jams or bad weather it may be longer.