Privacy Policy

We inform You that we store data provided by you that are necessary for fulfillment of your order.
Order data are stored between 30-60 days.
You may choose not store any personal data, when you don't click on the „Save given data”. If you do choose to save your data we will store them and you will be able to reuse them for faster order next time.
You can ask for deletion of this personal data by sending an email to  or .
We give these data only to delivery service printed on paper, and they do not have right to store them or use them.

We delete your personal data withot asking 730 days after your last order.

We use only data that are absolutely necessary for your order complying to EU GDPR regulations. When you order for takeaway or eating in pizzeria then we ask only for your phone number to be able to reach you in case of any questions concerning your order.

In case of delivery we need an address, inscription on doorbell, phone number and email address.

Your order is received as an email and employees cannot acces your data in electronic form. Only the manager/owner of the shop and a software developer/maintainer has access.

We tried to incorporate GDPR regulation demand in planning phase of this software.

We never sent marketing emails and do not plan to do it yet. We will use email addresses only in case of changing database, changing passwords, etc.