Terms and Conditions

Herein are the General Terms and Conditions for using online ordering with Don Quijote Pizzéria – Szeged, the shop or the provider of the service.
Online address of the provider:

The shop owner is:
Trinagra Kft.
Address:Szeged, Vitéz u. 4

Shop is:
Don Quijote Pizzéria, 6722 Szeged, Vitéz u. 4.
Telephon: +36 62 422 366
E-mail: info@dqpizza.hu, donquijotepizzeria@gmail.com
Open: Monday-Saturday 11.00 – 22.00

Accepting the Terms and Conditions
1. Before buying Customer is obliged to accept Terms by clicking on a button. Accepting the Terms creates a valid Contract between Provider and User.
2. Without accepting the terms User cannot order and cannot register.

a. Steps of ordering:
Selection of products and options and finishing selection by clicking on Cart icon.
b. Using Cart
User can delete selected items from Cart by clicking on wastebasket icon and continue with the pocedure.

3. Ways of handling
User can choose from 3 possibilities:
a.) Delivery to address – Provider delivers the items to the given address of User by using the services of a third party, delivery company Multifutár. Additional cost for this service is declared on the bill. Issues arising delivery are to be addressed to and handled by Multifutar.  Multifutar delivers items only inside city limits of Szeged.
b.) Takeaway - User takes the products personally away, and usually is granted a discount for this, but a box is needed for packaging.
c.) Eating in pizzeria - User gets the products and eats in pizzeria.

Way of handling defines the necessary data:
a.) Delivery: phone number, address, inscription on doorbell. Optionally a name and email could be be given.
b.) Takeaway: Only a phone number is needed. Optionally a name and email could be be given.
c.) Eating in pizzeria: Only a phone number is needed. Optionally a name and email could be be given.

4. Finishing the order is made by clicking on the appropriate button.

5. Confirmation of order is by email if the user has given an email address. The phone will be used only for guidance for delivery or informing user about important facts concerning his order. 

Validity of Contract
1. The contract is valid after the user finishes his/her order and a "successful order" message appears. If the user has given an email address  a confirmation email will be sent. If it is not sent within 1 hour user is not obliged by contract, he/she does not have to accept the ordered products.
2. User accepts that the contract is a valid written contract according to Hungarian law. 
3. The language of contract is hungarian, abiding hungarian law regulations and can be read on hungarian version of this homepage. The current text is to be regarded as a best try for a translation.

Attributes of the products
The relevant attributes of the products are shown on the product pages as fix attributes or options to be selected by user.

Prices are total prices including VAT. The cost of delivery is to be paid to MULTIFUTAR. The shop is showing this item on the summary bill as "delivery" but as it is not the income of the shop, the shop cannot produce legal receipt for the sum of delivery.

Delivery, takeaway
1. Delivery times varies depending on many factors, bad weather, traffic jams... Usually is between 20 minutes and 1 hour. 
2. Delivery can be timed for the user convenience.

1. Only cash paid to delivery service is possible in case of delivery. 
2. In case of eating in pizzeria or takeaway user can pay with cash or credit cards accepted by our banking terminal.

Withdrawal right
 Withdrawal right is according to hungarian law ( 45/2014. (II. 26.) Korm. rendelet 1.)

1. Warranty claims can be made personally at the address of the provider, or
2. Warranty claims can be sent as emails to the email address of the shop or as ordinary mails to the address of the provider.